Thank you for attending the 2nd Points event of 2023! We hope everyone had a great time!

Timed results from the day are available here: 2023 NCC AX Points 2 6-24-23 Results.pdf

If you need to request a result amendment or change, please use the following form:

A note on the results – we had anticipated 5 runs for everyone, but we ran so efficiently that we got 6.  Run #6 was counted as a ‘fun run’ and not included in Points scoring.  

For future events, if we are able to accomodate more than the anticipated runs, we hope they will all be caputred for competition.  We apologize for this.


A number of photographers were able to catch us having fun on Saturday.

AJ Aviles’ photos can be found here:

Craig of was also busy at work capturing us all day: