Novice Class

We have a class specifically for entry level drivers. “Novice” is defined as a participant that has three or less autocross events experience prior to January 1 of the current season. This experience qualifier is not limited to NCC events and is inclusive of total autocross participation. Classing will be simple: Stock, Tuner, or Modified. Car type does not matter. To qualify you must have not attended more than 3 autocross events in previous seasons. This includes events with NCC, AI, CDC, and SCCA. This does not include autocross schools. (NOTE: You do not have to participate in the Novice class because you are a novice.  You can choose either Novice or the class that best fits your car.)

3 thoughts on “Novice Class

  1. Hi there, I’m interested in trying autocross in 2021. How can I get started?

    • Hi – We currently have a Novice class available for participants who qualify at all of our Points Events. The 2022 Novice School has already been held; however, we anticipate announcing the 2023 scheduled soon (which should include a Novice School).

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