Thank you again for attending NCC Autocross Points Event #2! We appreciate your patience yesterday.  It was a tough day with the timing issues.  We promise to get it resolved by the next event. 


Results from Saturday’s event can be found here:  https://forum.nccbmwcca.org/showthread.php?20627-6-26-21-NCC-Autocross-Points-Event-2-Results&20627-6-26-21-NCC-Autocross-Points-Event-2-Results=&p=65528#post65528

If you need to request a change to the results, please fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe63IjQ5uBShcMt1_t9DdbwXQ5q6gtwe4k3PKGbj1WDfKEC0w/viewform


Event #3 is scheduled for August 14, 2021, and registration opens on July 17, 2021.  When Registration opens, register here: msreg.com/NCCAXEvent3


The 2021 Season Schedule is as follows:

2021 Autocross dates:

  • April 10  (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) – Test and Tune (Thanks too all who participated!)
  • May 1  (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) – Points Event #1
  • June 26 (Summit Point, Potomac Circuit) – Points Event #2
  • August 14 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) – Points Event #3
  • September 11 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) – Points Event #4
  • October 2 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) – Points Event #5

Thank you everyone and see you at the next event,