2016 NCC Autocross Season Pricing

For 2016 event pricing for the NCC Autocross season will be:

Members Only: $90.00 (pre-registration required)

Test & Tune:
Members Only: $100.00 (pre-registration required)

Points Events:
Members Only: Online Registration: $35.00/Walk-up Registration:$40.00 (PM Sessions only/No Cash Accepted!!)

In addition we will be offering a special all day discount. Participants can run both the AM and PM sessions. Drivers will keep the same 2 digit number for both sessions. Please note that drivers will be required to work both sessions and only the AM session will count towards the season points. PM runs will be classified as Non-Comp runs.

Pricing for All-Day Session. Due to the cost of running events at FedEx Field we have slightly increased our fees for all day sessions at FedEx events from $50 to $60. This is still an exceptional value for the amount of seat time compared to other autocross programs in the area. Members: $50.00 for Regency and Bowie events. $60 for all FedEx events.

We look forward to seeing you all this coming season! If you have any questions feel free to post them here!!

Season Subscriptions

We will be running 7 points events in 2016. Four at FedEx, two at Regency, and one at Bowie.

Season subscriptions are for those who want to keep the same vehicle number for the entire season. This will cover all seven points events. Test & Tune and Schools are excluded. Registration will run online at MSReg through March 15th until April 15th. If you would like to register for a season subscription before then please email us at info@nccautocross.com. Subscription rates will be:

$210 For All Events (AM or PM Session Only)
$330 For A Two-Session Per Event
Pass (AM & PM Sessions)

That’s a $35/$60 savings over the full season. You will get to keep your vehicle number for the entire season and you don’t have to register for individual events! The registration procedure would be:

· If you are interested in a season subscription please contact us at info@nccautocross.com.
· Once we receive your request we will send you a direct link to registration for the first event.
· You will only need to register for the first event (AM,PM, or All Day). You will also see an option for a season subscription. Chose both boxes.
· At checkout you will pay for the first points event ($35 or $60 for all day) and the season subscription ($175 or $270 for all day).

Note that this is the only way to reserve a vehicle number for the entire season! If you have any questions please contact us at info@nccautocross.com.