NCC Autocross classing

NCC Autocross classing maintains relative fairness in which cars compete against each other.

NCC Autocross allows BMW SAVs bearing the factory M designation (i.e. X5M, X6M, X3 M40i, etc) and SAV’s equipped with aftermarket lowering suspension. Models not meeting this criteria will not be allowed to participate due to rollover risk. If you have any further questions (or questions about eligibility of SAVs from another manufacturer) please email us at

Please see the links below for our vehicle classing.

BMW Classing

MINI Classing

Non-BMW Classing

Novice Class

1 thought on “Vehicle Classing

  1. I see a Mini convertible in the picture above, so convertibles clearly are permitted. Are there any rules regarding rollover bars, etc. that apply to convertibles? I have an old English roadster with a rollover bar.

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