2023 Season Schedule + School opening date

For 2023, we are presenting 2 Test and Tunes, 1 Novice School, and 5 Points Events.  Registration for the Novice School opens February 22, 2023.

All events this year will be held at Summit Point Motorsports Park on either the Washington Circuit and Potomac Circuit and all events require BMWCCA membership.

NCC Autocross wants to thank Radial Tire Company (https://www.radialtirecompany.com/), GoGoGo Racing and RRT Racing (https://www.rrtautomotive.com/) as our program sponsors.


Season Subscriptions:

  • Season Subscriptions (Points Events)- $190.00 for AM or PM session/ $295.00 for all day session
    • Season subscribers save the cost of their membership by buying the season
    • Season Subscribers are guaranteed their number for the whole season
    • Season Subscriptions require a BMWCCA membership
    • Season subscriptions are for all 5 Points events and do not include entry to the Test and Tune(s) or School


The 2023 Season Schedule is as follows:

2023 Autocross dates:

  • April 15 – TEST AND TUNE #1
  • May 21 – Points Event #1 (Sunday)
  • June 24 – Points Event #2
  • August 5 – TEST AND TUNE #2
  • September 9 – Points Event #3
  • September 30 – Points Event #4
  • November 4 – Points Event #5

Events listed in BOLD are included in the season subscription rate.


Individual Event Fees:

  • Test and Tune(s) – $130.00
  • School – $130.00
  • All Points Events –
    • Morning OR Afternoon ONLY$50.00
    • Morning AND Afternoon: $75.00



All Participants are required to have SA2015 or SA2020 (or Snell M Rated equivalents).  SA2010 helmets are NOT ALLOWED for 2023 events.

We will have a limited number of loaner helmets available at all events for use by participants and/or guests.


Vehicle Classing for 2023:

Please see the following links for vehicle classing for 2023:  BMW ClassingNON BMW ClassingNovice, and MINI.


NCC Autocross requires ALL PARTICIPANTS to be BMWCCA members.  We hope you will consider purchasing a season subscription for the best value and the ability to lock in your car number for the entire season.