NCC Autocross Driver's Safety Briefing

Phil Yates walks drivers through a morning safety briefing.

Why should I autocross?

You should participate to become a better driver! Autocross is a full time car control contest. It’ll teach you how your car behaves as it approaches its limits; limits that are not safe, legal, or practical to explore on public streets. It’ll also teach you some critical skills in handling your car when out on the roads. Once you’re familiar with your car’s limits on the autocross course, that will all then transfer to making you a safer and more savvy driver out on the street.

BMW’s are very well engineered. Many people think that they are close to the car’s handling limits when, in fact, they could pilot the car faster. Conversely, some people assume they are at the limits when they have actually exceeded them by over driving the car. For those drivers, learning to slow down can actually improve their driving and ultimately their timed runs. The fastest times come when the driver knows how to exploit the cars capabilities through an intimate understanding of the vehicle and the developed ability to continuously keep the car right at the limit the whole time.

Novices are welcome!

Novices are always warmly welcomed, and in fact encouraged to come out! Some driver’s go come out to the events to compete, others come to simply push themselves and learn their cars in a safe, low-impact environment. If you are new to autocross, or if you just want some advice, we always have experienced autocross instructors in attendance at every event who can both ride along with you and offer suggestions or pointers.

Safety is priority one!

Safety is our number one priority. We have experienced personnel who will provide a morning and afternoon safety briefing to all drivers to ensure everyone is following a core set of rules while participating in the events. This is to ensure both drivers and event workers safety at all times. Most of the events are run in large event/stadium parking lots with little, if any, risk of obstacles to impact while driving the course, and speeds are kept in check by course layout. In most cases, driver’s won’t even exceed standard street/highway speed limits. Turns, slaloms, and other course elements will typically keep speeds down. The course designs will keep you busy behind the wheels though! Also, many professional race car drivers got their starts in autocross. Skills developed here will transfer over to various other divisions of motorsports.

Event participation

Typical autocross events have a morning and afternoon driving runs. You can sign up for just the morning or afternoon, or do the whole day! But, as a driver, you are also responsible for working the course once for each session. The registered participants will be split into two groups; one working the course while the other drives it. Each driving session provides for between 4-6 runs each. Midway through each session (once all initial drivers complete their runs) the participants who first worked the course then swap to their cars while the first drivers go out and take their spots to work the course. Working the course simply means you are out at specific stations on the course to observe, replace cones, and manage driver safety on the course while the other half drive it.

BMWCCA requires that all NCC Autocross Test and Tune participants to be registered BMWCCA members.

BMWCCA membership is $58 which is a great deal. BMWCCA members enjoy a multitude of benefits such as discounts on hotel rates and towing services. Plus if you’re a BMW or MINI owner you get the extra benefit of dealer discounts at most MINI/BMW dealers and several local shops in the area.

Signup for BMWCCA membership here:  BMWCCA Member Benefits